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IRS Problem Resolution

IRS Problem Resolution

The average taxpayer is not equipped to deal with IRS problems on their own. If you’ve received a tax notice, and aren’t sure what to do, don’t hesitate to contact Brenda J. McGivern, P.C. for assistance! Our experienced CPAs communicate directly with the IRS to file back taxes and negotiate reasonable solutions and payment plans.

Here are a few of the many tax settlement services we perform for Boston-based individuals and businesses:


File Back Taxes: It’s easy to fall behind on tax filings due to missing records, insufficient funds, or even confusing paperwork. At Brenda J. McGivern, P.C., we will prepare and file your taxes quickly and work hard to reduce any penalties.

Release Tax Liens: It’s not uncommon for the IRS to place liens on property or assets in order to collect unpaid taxes. In some cases, they can even use levies to confiscate your property. At Brenda J. McGivern, P.C., we specialize in releasing tax liens, preventing the seizure of your property, and negotiating affordable payment plans with the IRS.


End Wage Garnishment: To collect unpaid taxes, the IRS can arrange to confiscate a portion of your weekly paycheck. With the help of the CPAs at Brenda J. McGivern, P.C., you can end wage garnishment and put a reasonable plan in place to take care of your debt.

Manage IRS Audits: Even if your tax filings appear to be in order, the IRS may uncover an unexpected problem during a routine audit. If you’ve been flagged for an IRS audit, contact Brenda J. McGivern, P.C. immediately. We’ll walk you through the process and be on-hand to find a speedy solution to any tax problems that may arise.

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Based in Boston, our firm offers complete CPA services including tax preparation and IRS problem resolution. Call Brenda J. McGivern, P.C. today at 866-895-1614 or request a free initial consultation.